Andy's Past Time

Like every other American boy, I used to spend days dreaming I was a professional baseball player. I spent summer afternoons hitting pop flies with my best friend in the large front yard of his farm house. On Tuesday and Thursday nights, the six little league teams faced off... Read more >

...and I never saw her again.

In 2004 I lived in downtown Grand Rapids. I had an apartment about five blocks from the film school where I was interning. The Black Rose, my favorite pub, was between my apartment and the school. I would often stop and have a pint of Guinness on my way home... Read more >

SillyUserName Part 1

I used to be addicted to a game called World of Warcraft. I was obsessed. I was Chum, level 60 Tauren hunter with The Flying Shan Yue. I played so much that when I’d leave the house I took the game with me in my mind. If I saw tw... Read more >

SillyUserName Part II

Previously on It Never Ends: Andy’s World of Warcraft guild-mate inspired him to try online dating… …Andy birthed a dating profile with a picture of him sitting next to a man in a gorilla suite… …Andy said some very... Read more >

It wasn't as good as the book...

"If a book is good enough to read, it's good enough to make into a movie, so why would I ever waste my time reading?" That was my motto for... Read more >

A long overdue post that ends with me asking for money

Faithful, beautiful, handsome, and smart readers of mine, I have broken the golden rule of blogging, which is, “Only start a blog if you’re able to regularly blog, least you upset and disappoint your faithful, beautiful, handsome, and smart readers.” Please accept my humble apolog... Read more >

Free Beer & Hot Wings kick off It Never Ends

For those of you who were unable to tune in, here is segment 1 of my time in studio with my pals on Read more >

Free Beer & Hot Wings kick off It Never Ends (continued)

Last week I had the honor of spending an hour in studio with my pals on Free Beer & Hot Wings. I had a blast, and it was one of the highlights of my life. Be sure to find out if they broadcast in your area or listen to them... Read more >

Welcome to my eHome

Well here we are. I’ve added yet another responsibility to my life. One more thing to do. One more creation to nourish and maintain. One more commitment. One more thing I’ll one day look back at and say, “I used to…”Yes, I have a website. A... Read more >

They're both shit.

Hello People reading this,I figured I’d take a retreat from this wonderful Summer and take part in society by utilizing this platform to point out what an important next couple of months are ahead of those of us responsible enough to vote… who ever would've thou... Read more >