Welcome to my eHome

Well here we are. I’ve added yet another responsibility to my life. One more thing to do. One more creation to nourish and maintain. One more commitment. One more thing I’ll one day look back at and say, “I used to…”

Yes, I have a website. A blog. A platform. A unique piece of cyber real estate where I have both virtual freedom and real freedom to do with whatever I please. My very own corner of the sandbox that exists under rules set forth by me! (yes, I stole the sandbox analogy from the Coen brothers)

But this virtual sandbox didn’t appear without demand. It didn’t appear without sacrifice. And it didn’t appear without a lot of very, very hard work.

Here’s the story in a nutshell:

I was busy writing "Life Sucks," a book about life as a paralyzed teenager when Brother Dave asked if I would be interested being featured in a short documentary he had been commissioned to create. The documentary, later titled "Juggle & Cut" would tell the story of how in my unique and ever-busy youth I went from being a fire and knife juggler to a quadriplegic on one very bad day in November. The documentary was going to be used in a seven piece curriculum based on stewardship, titled, "Our Great Exchange." Brother Dave thought there would be some good exposure for me and my book since one of the other videos in the curriculum was a piece featuring perhaps the biggest name in the Evangelical world of the present time, Chuck Colson. I was more than happy to oblige. (be sure to check out that Colson video)

Juggle & Cut was produced by Brother Dave, along with two of my favorite and most talented guys I know, Eric Johnson and Eric Machiela (who both also shot the film). The director is by far perhaps one of if not the finest up-and-coming filmmakers, Caleb Slain. When Juggle & Cut was shot Slain was only 21.

Well, Juggle & Cut exceeded the expectations of all involved and we thought this would easily be a festival contending piece. Meanwhile, I was nearing the finish line with my book. Like the film, expectations had been exceeded. So I wanted to up the professional level a notch. I removed most of the penis jokes, and changed the name from "Life Sucks" to "It Never Ends."

It was just over a year ago when we set out on a Kickstarter Campaign and raised $14,515. This money helped pay for a few tweaks to Juggle & Cut, film festival submissions, a badass poster, this website, cover design for It Never Ends, and numerous other things that can't be mentioned because we stretched every penny so far.

If when I was 16 you would’ve told me I’d grow up to be an author, I would’ve punched you in the face. I thought I’d grow up to be a juggler, carpenter, swashbuckler pirate or John Rambo. Obviously that’s not the case. I was wrong. But I was always right about one thing: I was born to create. Or if you wanna get super deep about it, I was created to create. And that’s really all that matters.

So I raise my glass to all of you who have gotten me this far. Thank you. I would call you all by name but there are simply too many, and many that I'll never even meet. I’m humbled to have you along on my journey, and I’m flattered you have taken the time to see what I’m creating in my corner of the sandbox.

Witty Sign Off,


Posted on December 04, 2013