They're both shit.

Hello People reading this,

I figured I’d take a retreat from this wonderful Summer and take part in society by utilizing this platform to point out what an important next couple of months are ahead of those of us responsible enough to vote… who ever would've thought the future of our country would be between Scrooge McDuck’s rival enemy, prone to throwing temper tantrums and has proven no credibility as a gentleman - yet I know people who will vote for him, and perhaps the most corrupt individual in United States history, who happens to be the wife of the second most corrupt individual in recent United States history… yet I know people who will still vote for her…

But why? Can it be any more obvious they're both shit? Trump is a fraud - search your heart if you don’t agree with me and you’ll come to admit it. He says vulgar things to get your attention then fucks with your head. He talks and talks and talks and talks without ever stopping, then says something about his penis, which doesn’t exist. He takes great joy in mocking veterans, women, and the disabled… And as for Clinton?… good god, where even to start? Assassination cover-ups… Fraud at the global level… her husband… Need I go on?

That’s where we’ve gotten. We’re so blinded by political parties, exploited social issues, fear mongering news, and our own self interests that we’ve aligned with evil - both sides - EVIL. We've lived irresponsibly long enough and we need to grow up before we forfeit the financial future of our children, their children, and their children… before we bring more veterans home from war, distraught, and uncared for… We've turned a blind eye and supported crony capitalism in the name of “change,” and now we're on the cusp of giving away the remaining dignity of our country by electing either The Queen of Hearts or The Village Idiot… this is what it’s come down to.

Well, once I read something about evil triumphing because good men play too many video games, so I’m revisiting this platform and ask you - beg you - to put aside the hate and disdain that’s been accumulating over the past decades… Imagine you’re not angry with everyone who doesn’t see things your way… imagine you’ve forgiven others for their differences and have just learned to live with them… Now imagine, The United States: A debt-free country thriving with business. The seeds of corruption weeded, and a new found peace between all political parties… Existing laws get reviewed through democracy and the economy isn’t built on a bubble because we live in a land that doesn’t tax business to the point where they can no longer innovate - then things get cool! Self driving Ubers and solar roads and Elon Musk’s rail gun car thing… So much can be done - so much within our grasp. And with the speed at which technology moves, one has to think that an amazing future just like this might be right around the corner… a foundation for a safe and stable family life for generations to come… So, so close…

But Trump and Hillary are out there and they’re not bringing anything cool to the table. Yet, they’re everywhere. TV, Facebook, used toilet paper… Please, come to realize they’re doing this intentionally because that gets them into your head. It’s what we in the biz call “Marketing.” It’s basically just lying to get people to do stuff. They get in your head and fuck with your mind, hoping to convince you that they are the best of the only two choices, and they spout shit like, “A third party vote is a vote for Hillary!” or, with the “lesser of the two evil’s” logic to ease their conscience without even considering other “lesser evils.” And before you know it they say something that you agree with - but please, please don’t fall for it. Don’t act on it. They're lying to you. They're shit.

I’m optimistic, though… I’ve thought throughout this whole circus, “What if, at the last minute someone stepped up and stole this thing from both of these clown fuckers?” It’d be a historical moment in time… The American Public, uniting like The Avengers and destroying evil… Plus, I love an underdog story - the impossible position, turmoil and chaos abound while conscience battles against heart and soul. These are the important stories. These are the stories where David kills Goliath, chops off his head, then sits down and drinks a Budweiser. These are the stories that stick with you, keep you up at night, questioning everything you’ve ever learned, causing you to humble yourself and possibly bring you to one of those rare, important moments in life when you realize that you are indeed great, but you are far too imperfect to have all of the answers to life… then soft music fades in and a glimpse of light shines in the distance as the solution becomes as clear as day, and the over abundance of hopelessness fades, because at the end, goodness, alway finds a way to defeat evil… right?

So dream with me, and consider - just for a minute - that I’m right... you are indeed great…

Johnson/Weld 2016

Posted on August 02, 2016