Do you think books suck? Yeah, I used to think that way too - that was until my mom said I should tell my story from my own unique, and sometimes irreverent point of view (she guaranteed it’d sell 1 million copies - though I don’t know where she did her research because I've sold like 4.)

I spent my youth engrossed in many hobbies: hockey, woodworking, juggling knives, breathing fire. Despite the tragedy that struck when I was 16, I’ve traveled the world, embarking in adventures both good and bad, while learning what it really means to become a man.


“From Sisyphus to the Phoenix, subsequent to significant physical trauma, Andy moves away from personal torment and inches toward increased peace and life richness……a wonderful combination of angst, wit, and humanity……a simply delightful read.”

-- Lester Butt, Ph.D., ABPP (RP)
Director of the Department of Psychology,
Craig Hospital


Having known Andy Phelps for years I often forget that he’s in a wheelchair because of how amazingly “normal” he is. Due to his outgoing and witty personality, I’ve always assumed things were never really too bad for him. I was wrong. This amazing human being has been to hell and back several times. I’m proud of Andy, and I love him dearly for his genuine spirit, the calmness in his tone, the politeness in his greetings, and the smart-ass comments he delivers to an unsuspecting soul. You’ll laugh out loud, cry like a baby and be charmed by Andy’s warm story-telling. A must read.

-- Eric Zane of The Free Beer and Hot Wings Show


Whoa, you wrote a book? Can I be in it?

-- Zach Lentine, drinking buddy